Top 4 Anime, in “Netflix”.

What is anime

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If you are wondering whether Anime is cartoon , well , the answer is Yes, and NO… Cartoons are mostly 2D and Anime can be 2D , 3D. But the main difference is that , Unlike cartoons , Anime are made for Adults. So you will most probably see variety of genres in Anime. Most of the Anime Fit into these main categories, Action, there are a ton of Action based Anime, and then there is Mystery, Thriller, Suspense , History etc etc..

Now , this list is totally based on my opinions, and entirely based on Netflix’s US collection of Anime..

Without further adieu, lets go and see the TOP 4, Anime, in Netflix

ninja, person, toy

First and foremost is a series called, One Punch Man. its based on a character named Saitama, who is bald, lean looking , but can kill a person,.. wait for a second.. in One Kill! yes, that is his super Power..

How he got his super power is by going through the following training.. for a year and a half , he did, 100 daily push-ups, sit-ups, and squats, plus 10 km daily running.. if you do this, you will also get it .. this is an interesting series , especially when you consider a hero who can kill the opponents in one Punch…

Attack on titan

Next is a famous Manga.. If you have a stomach for watching Zombie gore, then this could be of your interest. The series is aptly called , Attack on the titan.. so the story revolves around Eren and Mikasa and how they live in a walled city , to protect themselves from 100ft monstrous human zombies.

Attack on titan

Its also about the power , how the different military units work etc etc. Its based on one of the best selling Manga in Japan, with more than 100 million copies sold! This series starts with base structure, and as the seasons expand we get to know more about the , titan, military corps, and how the characters change..

Love , Death & Robots

Next is not based on Manga, and heck, it might not even be an Anime, but its worth watching.. The series is called Love, Death & Robots.. This is a mini series , or an , Anthology as they call it.. It has 18 episodes each with a different genre, all dystopian, some definitely 18+…

The best thing about this is the type of animation varies per episode and you don’t have to commit anything, when you start. Each episode is less than 20 minutes. I would suggest you start with this, if you haven’t watched any Anime , anywhere..


Ok, drumroll, we are going to talk about the final and my favorite only .. Its called Naruto..

So , Naruto is based on another famous Manga, or the most famous Manga as per Me.. This story, or this series is all about a ninja whose name is Naruto Uzumaki.. I will try to contain my excitement and not to reveal anything. So once upon a time there existed a nine tailed fox, whose chakra is unlimited, and the leaf village , who Naruto is based , confronted the nine tailed fox and put that inside Naruto.

Cut.. now without realizing this nine tailed fox’s chakra inside his body, Naruto tries to become a Ninja warrior, and there are many who wants his power.. This series is all about the techniques and ways of doing it.

There is Ninjutsu, genjutsu and taijutsu, which are the types of techniques , A ninja uses while fighting.. .. There is Chunin, Jonin and Sainin , that are the levels of a Ninja .. then there is the hokage, the village chief. And then , there are different villages, like leaf village, sand village etc, etc.. there are a ton of episodes and the background music will make goosebumps..

This is my most favorite Anime till date .. the Netflix series ends and then , there is a new series called Naruto Shipuden.. And there are a ton of movies as well..

So what are your favorite anime? Leave it on comment box..

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