Weekly Tech Digest – Products/ Services / News – Sep 27, 2020

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These are the interesting products/services that I have read or saw this week! enjoy!

Excellent looking Apple Watch App!

Free eCommerce Template

Free even for commercial Purposes! https://ecommercehtml.com/

How to: Build a Chrome Extension

Details @ https://dev.to/anobjectisa/how-to-build-a-chrome-extension-4oig

Tables : From Google!

Airtable Competitor by Google!

Dawn : iOS App

StackOverFlow for developers?!


Weird Tech of Week!

Ring’s new home security solution is a drone that flies over your home! next time when you use your restroom, be sure to lock it properly..

Lauches of this week!

Amazon has launched 13 products this week ranging from a drone that flies inside your home capturing stuff to an echo that turns to wherever you are..


Review of the week!

iOS and iPadOS reviews!


Site of the week!


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