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Black Friday – Everyday!!!

How to use deals & trials to Save money!

Ok, this is the second part of the series how to save money and live within the minimum wage.. You can access Part I here

In this part, i will try to share some of the tricks that i use while shopping for anything and how to make use of various websites/tools to get the lowest price and highest return and make every day as your Black Friday


Impulse buying usually results in overpaying for something that you never need in the first place. Lets say for example, you are casually going through Instagram posts and a beautiful necklace or a stylish shoe or a modern gadget appears. 9 out of 10 times these are ads and usually they “say” that there is a “limited time offer” or “a deep discount” or “just for today” and we causally click through to see what they have to offer..

Well Stop there!

Before you go any further, close Instagram or any other app and close your phone as well for a minute., Just for a minute. It could save you a lot of $$$

Now usually after a few mins, we might lose interest in that product and we start doing something else! If not, there is a chance that a string of impulse purchases will push you towards addiction! But let say you saw an ad with a stylish shoe with a limited time offer and you really want to buy it. My First advice would be to wait for 24-48 hours before you buy this, but if you are in need of a shoe then dont click buy there.

OK, so no impulse buying, but you want to buy something , well i have listed a few sites that offers a lot of deals..

More to follow….

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